Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Encaustic Class

Wax the Casbah was the only Artfest workshop where I managed to finish both of the in-class assignments (see above) …although the one on the right could use a little something extra now that I think about it.
I don’t know whether or not encaustic is something I’ll pursue because I’m sure you need way more than one day to get the hang of working with wax. I’ve never done anything with glass, but judging from what David says, wax is like glass in that you must adjust to it rather than it adjusting to you.
What I enjoyed most was the painting. I’d taken a full set of Claudine Hellmuth’s new Studio Paints with me, and as I hadn’t used them yet, I decided that I’d christen them at Artfest. I just love them!!! Nice and buttery with great coverage, and they really worked well with my set of Portfolio Oil Pastels.

Waxing the painting was more of a challenge. I tried a number transfer on the left hand piece but applied too much heat and it fragmented. When I asked Judy Wise what I could do to correct it, she laughed and said: “You’ll have to learn to love it.” I think this might be my new mantra …i.e. I’m going to love it anyway.


wildflowr said...

Wax the Casbah! I love it! a crazy belly dancer?

A bird in the hand said...

You waxed the casbah pretty well from the looks of it! Glad you're back.

azirca said...

I love the look of encaustics and have always wanted to have a play with this medium.
I love these pieces, the first one especially.
...and I love your wonky fragmented number, you should just say that it was exactly how you wanted it to turn out!

nancy said...

just stunning , i love your images.
it would be nice to see them close up. i know the photos never really give you a true picture of the wax and texture, nancy
p.s. love the ne mantra!