Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now on Sale ― Artopia Digital Stamps

You’re invited to visit my new blog Artopia Digital Stamps, and check out the unique collections I’ve designed for artists and crafters: French Hats, Vintage People and Art Gizmos.

 Whether you’re into mixed media, card-making or digital collage, my goal is to provide you with low cost images to inspire you creatively.
If you’re not familiar with digital stamps, they’re black and white images you download and use in your art:
  • You can print them on paper, fabric and film.
  • You can resize them, and then add colored pencil, pastel and paint.
  • You can import them into Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and transform them digitally.
Why not take digital stamps on a test drive
by downloading my Free Images?

And visit my Project Ideas page for creative suggestions. 

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Digital versus Physical

Even though I’ve reorganized all my art supplies and I’m set up to paint again, I don’t seem to be doing anything yet. Thinking about it (definitely). Fantasizing about it (always pleasurable). Generating ideas (never a problem) ...but actually doing it? I’m afraid not.
Since I don’t have this problem with digital work, I’ve been debating lately about whether or not I should give up the physical act of painting and focus entirely on Photoshop.
And it’s not because Photoshop is faster. If anything, it’s a slower process for me. Because there are so many possibilities to explore digitally, I can lose myself happily for hours and then emerge with something that pleases me.
When I pick up a brush and dip it in paint, though, there’s usually some hesitation on my part. Am I making the right decision? Could I going down the wrong path? What am I trying to do anyway? It’s just plain easier for me to be more playful and spontaneous in Photoshop. Plus, just think uncomplicated my life would be without all those art supplies!
Unfortunately, while Photoshop might be mentally tactile, it doesn’t translate to the physical—yet. Won’t it be amazing when three-dimensional stuff starts emerging from your printer? I just hope this happens in my lifetime.