Monday, November 15, 2010

Lily turns fifteen

Leigh took this picture of David and me with Lily recently. It’s hard to believe our doggie is fifteen years old today because she raced down the stairs and out the door like a shot chasing after a couple of squirrels this morning. Not that Lily is a threat to them, or to any cats or rabbits invading her territory for that matter. No, her barking is basically a lot of hot air. Well, I guess there were those two skunking episodes a few years ago, but I like to think Lily's maturity has brought with it a good measure of canine wisdom. I could be wrong there though.
According to Stanley Coren who wrote The Intelligence of Dogs, Cavaliers like Lily rank number 44 out of the 80 breeds he surveyed, so she has "an Average Working/Obedience Intelligence." For example, in order to understand new commands, a Cavalier needs 25 to 40 repetitions, and he or she will obey your first command 50 per cent of the time or better.
I’m not a big fan of statistics myself, but just to let you know: if you have a Border Collie, a Poodle, a Doberman or a Golden Retriever, your dog is way smarter than mine. Nevertheless, I think it’s interesting that while Coren might have a couple of smart dogs himself, he also has Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Banshee (see below) who is referred to as “old” (whatever that means) in Coren’s online biography.
P.S. What I’d really like to read is a book on disgusting food that your dog loves to eat and nevertheless thrives on. Aside from the virtuous home cooked meals of steamed broccoli, string beans, lean ground beef and chicken, Lily loves toast and peanut butter (breakfast),  grilled cheese sandwiches (lunch), and her all time favorite: Kraft Dinner, which she will be chowing tonight for her birthday dins. (You go girl!)


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Happy birthday Lily! fifteen is certainly a notable birthday for a dog. Our Rosie is 14 and still can pull out the puppy when necessary.Otherwise she prefers to be left alone on Her chair and growls at will at our giant puppy, Odelia. When you mix three different breeds on one household, you sure do see who is smarter, and how, from one breed to the next. Rosie, the Beagle is ALL nose and has no loyalty for anything but meals/food.
The Border collie /Shelty is quite the sight dog and looks you in the eye to read your mood and is more agile than the other two. Odelia is both sight and smell, but mostly just likes to everything about whet ever you might be doing at any given moment. AND she thinks she is alp dog. That might have something to with her owners who like to line up on the couch and Odelia lies across us all for a cozy evening of television.
Enjoy the Mac 'n' cheese Lily.

Irene said...

Happy Birthday Lily, it's so good when you can have your pet,be with you for so long. and who cares how smart she is, she'll not be writing her memoirs soon, all she has to do is love you guys.

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to YOU, Lily. Fifteen is indeed a ripe old age but you don't look a minute over 7. May you have many years of squirrel chasing (notice I didn't say skunk), Kraft dinners, peanut butter and a soft cozy bed surrounded by those who love you..

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Lily! I had not realized that you share the same birthdate as my son Gordon! You look pretty spry for a gal who has reached such a venerable age not matter what the species! Personally, I don't think Stanley Coren has met you darling. You have those humans you live with very well trained to stand around offering you at least 30 different menu options at each meal! Pretty smart girl, I'd say! Best of birthdays little one. Enjoy all your meals!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lily! She is gorgeous and you look fabulous Susan! Have a great week!

Sandy xox

azirca said...

Happy Birthday Lily you beautiful girl! My little pooch Ollie sends you a hug from across the ocean.

me again said...

Lily, happy birthday! You're not getting older, you're just getting better :-)

A bird in the hand said...

Happy Birthday Lily. Lots of woofie kisses.
My late lamented friend Django loved my buttermilk and broccoli soup......... He had good taste!!

La Dolce Vita said...

happy birthday Lily!!
I have two mini doxies and one is a fruit hound, loves grapes, apples and helps himself to the low raspberries on on the canes! he also loves carrots! the other one is a cheese hound, she comes out of hiding the minute I get a package of cheese from the fridge!! xo