Friday, December 10, 2010

The Heart of Things

In my last post of 2009, I wrote about a much-loved heart ornament that mysteriously broke apart. My sister Pam has given me a deluxe replacement (see photo to left)—probably to get me in the mood to put up the Christmas tree. When we changed to an artificial one, I was thrilled to have a tree that looked realistic. The only problem is that each one of the 10 zillion branches has to be inserted individually into the trunk. It’s a lot more fun shopping for the ornaments that’s for sure.
Speaking of shopping, the annual Holly Jolly Sale is being held tomorrow in the Toronto area. Mary Ambrose, Sharon Ginsberg, Carmi Cimicata, Karen Arts and Marissa Decepida-Wong are all participating, so I’m sure you’ll find some unique gifts for those special people on your list.

Check Marissa’s blog for details.


Irene said...

Love your heart ornament, and yes it's much more fun shopping for ornaments, than putting up the millions of branches into the tree. I'm having to miss the Holly Jolly this year, say hi to the gang for me. Frantically finishing up an assignment.

La Dolce Vita said...

oh I remember your post about the ornament, is this the one she gave you? it is a stunner to be sure. Hope you put up that tree anyway! If I were there, I would help you! xo

Debrina said...

If you're anything like me, (a magpie) anything sparkly or glittery is instant prey! My magpie instincts want to pluck this ornament right off the screen! Lol.

Carmen said...

Molt bonic. Feliç any 2011 !!