Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Back from Boston

I’ve been to Boston several times in the last ten years, and one of the things I love about the city is its architecture, especially the Victorian brownstones in the Back Bay area, and all the amazing churches like Trinity, Old South and The First Church of Christ, Scientist.
But I was tempted to title this post: Don’t Fly Delta because of the experience I had coming back. Have you ever heard of an airline moving your flight forward not once or twice but three times, and then notifying you by phone after you’d actually arrived at your destination? If my friend Jackie hadn’t warned me how unreliable Delta could be, I would never have checked.
Once I arrived at JFK in New York, I had to wait for eight and a half hours for my flight to Toronto. In addition to several delays, there was a security breach (Delta’s fault), which involved all of us being removed from the plane, and subjected to yet another security check including a full body pat down. When we were finally taken back to the plane, two people headed for Washington were put on our flight by mistake. Delta’s solution to all this? A mini bag of peanuts for everyone who had been “inconvenienced.” Next time I’m going Air Canada.


me again said...

Oh, my sympathies. This reminds me of why I like road trips so much; it takes longer but you are in your own car and in control. I have never been to Boston; it sounds wonderful and I must add it to my list!

beenebag said...

Well that is disturbing. Northwest and Delta are merging and while I've always liked Northwest this does not bode well. I would write a letter to them, be a sweaky wheel and maybe you might get more than a bag of peanuts.
I think airlines thing we're all a bunch of hapless patsies that just accept what happens. I don't know why this is ticking me off but maybe it was the stupid $15 Northwest charged me to check my duffle and they tried to charge me another $25 to check my rollaround which apparently is too big now (although for the past 16 years it's been all over the world with no problems)

Makes you just want to show up at the airport naked and fly with nothing. Would that be a statement if you could get a whole plane load of people to show up in just their skivvies:) I suppose naked would be pushing it not to mention how icky the plane's seats are anyway. EEEWWWwww I didn't think of that. eew.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I love that little face peeking over the door frame!

martha brown said...

But were there mice???