Wednesday, May 06, 2009

To Twitter or not to Twitter?

Remember when posting to your favorite Yahoo group was a big deal? Nowadays it’s hard to keep up with all the ways you’re supposed to communicate (and participate) online. It’s almost like having a full time job.
I have to admit I’m fascinated by people who Twitter and Tweet though. I mean, how do they remember to do it? And is anyone really interested?
It seems like they are. I read a newspaper article recently about Twitter, and the writer mentioned that his first post was: “Just ate half a sandwich.” Within a few moments over 50 people had tweeted back to say: “That’s great!”
I thought this was absolutely hilarious. I guess you can’t say much when you’re limited to 140 characters, but somehow I thought the whole process would be more haiku-like. For example:
Should I feed the dog?
No. I’m going to take a nap.
Oh, oh. Too late.
She read my mind.

However, I don’t think I’ll be setting up a Twitter account anytime soon. In my opinion, I do way too much thinking and obsessing about myself anyway, and it probably isn’t fair to drive my friends crazy with it too.


José said...

You captured my thoughts about twitter. I really don't understand how people put up with this constant stream of (not so interesting) information.

Ronna said...

I agree. I joined Facebook and even that doesn't really seem to be my cup of tea. "I'm eating chips!" or "My cat just barfed!" Okay, so who cares? I hardly care! I think a blog is right for me. Low affect?

nancy said...

i love your blog and what you have to say about your art, etc......

wildflowr said...

Twitter is an odd one. I think people like it because it is fast and there aren't a lot of time-sucking elements on there (as opposed to facebook where you can end up sending waaaaay too much time getting distracted with this or that if you aren't careful). I think Twitter is sort of anticlimatic though, personally.

They probably have invented this but I just know about it: it would be nice if there was one site you could go to that would have all your updates on the various social networks/blogs you participate in without the need for them to clutter up your inbox.

Lisa PN said...

Hi there Susan!
I use twitter and i have to say that it's great to get the word out to the world. I use it mostly as a tool to let people know about what i am doing creatively (I am a performer and a creativity coach).

It gets out to many people who i might not come across and it's very quick and easy to do. Of course sometimes i tweet about something personal because business isn't always business, people like to know more about the person they are dealing with. I have recieved a bunch of new creativity clients from twitter, and i must say that i had the very same thoughts you did when i started.

Just thought i would share my little story!

emikk said...

I was thinking I would sign up with twitter to let people know when I have a bowel movement but decided against it. I don't regret my decision.....yet.

Sandy Michelle said...

I wondered what it was all about and even joined once. I cancelled my account the next day cause I found it was POINTLESS! The only cool thing about it is that you can read celebrity's tweets!

Have a fabulous Mother's Day!!

Sandy xxo

A bird in the hand said...

That's a relief!

I really don't care who just had half-a-sandwich..... hehehe!