Sunday, July 05, 2009


Have you ever noticed that when an image rivets your attention, trying to express that feeling seems to elude you?
Take this doll for instance. Mary gave he/she/it to me last year and I find it weirdly captivating. I don’t know whether it’s the way the doll feels, its markings or even the hole in its head. Whatever is going on, I can’t make sense of it. I just know I’m hooked, and for months now, I’ve been moving the doll from assemblage to assemblage where it's always restless, and never quite at home.
I wondered what would happen if I took some pictures and then played with them in Photoshop. Well, no luck there either. I kept wishing that I had the Lennie gene and could at least have started the process with a decent photo.

But looking at the results now, I think the best approach would be to wrap the doll in some kind of fabric and just pretend something real was actually going on inside.


me again said...

Eek! The "Lennie gene" -- thank you for that, but it does come along with some side effects you likely would not want (insomnia, no balance whatsoever, a bit too round, a bit too short......).

How big is that amazing doll? I couldn't help but wonder, looking at it/her/him, if a little dress-up wasn't in order? How about a hat, or maybe a vest? You could even go seasonal: sunglasses and a bathing suit for now, a hallowe'en costume later this year, etc. Could be quite the ongoing project :-)



me again said...

Why did I sign my name twice? Sigh.

I shall make up for it by not signing here...hah!

irenka said...

I'm sorry but I find these dolls haunting. I won't tell you why, just so as not to make you feel weird.

Carmi said...


La Dolce Vita said...

I have lot of dolls, frozen charlottes, like this one and others with no arms or legs, and I too, am captivated by them. I just let them speak to me and they tell me where they want to live. it may sound crazy, but it works for me and for them! caterina

Sandy Michelle said...

I too have some of Mary's dolls- waiting for a home or a purpose. Eventually they are each the missing puzzle to a piece I'm creating.

Sandy :)