Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Getting Things Done

When I was teaching college English, one of the psychology instructors showed me a diagram he was going to use in his class that day. It looked like the letter “C” rotated about 45 degrees to the left.
“So what’s your reaction?” he asked. “Well, I’d like to take my pen and turn it into a circle,” I replied. He laughed—and then told me I obviously had “a strong need for closure.”

I thought about this tonight while I was working on my fleet of art projects. I always want to be finished before I’ve barely begun. It’s not that I shy away from the work involved, or the time. No, I just want to know whether or not they will actually turn out.

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A bird in the hand said...

"Closure" is a limited interpretation. I would say it shows (a) you like to finish things, not leave them half-done; (b) you like order; (c) you keep things close to the chest; (d) I'd better not continue.... I'm not licensed!