Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow, snow & more snow

Ronna mentioned on her blog yesterday that they’ve already had 8 ½ feet of snow this winter in her neck of the woods. I don’t know how much we’ve had here, but I went outside a few minutes ago with my ruler and it’s almost 2 feet deep on the porch. Zowie. Will it ever stop snowing? The weather has been really cold too. Yesterday I had to use my hair dryer to unfreeze the back door every time Lily wanted to go out. Instead of posting a picture of the snow though, I settled for this ATC. You can get a more dramatic view of what winter is like here in Canada by visiting Ronna’s blog and checking out the snowdrifts in front of her house.

1 comment:

Ronna said...

Susan, we had another 10 cm. since that photo was taken. And more on its way tomorrow. Sheesh!