Friday, February 22, 2008

Taking Time to Contemplate

Sometimes being busy gives me the illusion that I’m accomplishing a lot. But what usually happens when I’ve completed several tasks is that a whole new slew of things rush in to fill the vacuum, and I feel like I’m no further ahead.
But last night I had an interesting dream. As a teenager, I became quite good at high jumping, and in my dream I was at some sort of competition waiting anxiously for my turn to jump, when this voice behind me said: “There is no bar.”

I’ve been thinking about this Zen message off and on all day … this compulsion to prove ourselves and how absurd it really is. So tonight I lay around on the sofa staring at the ceiling for about an hour. And you know what? It felt good to just let my mind wander without feeling the need any agenda, or a resolution.


Sandy said...

Girl I always feel like I'm in a rush, then I look back and see I didn't accomplish that much! It's great when you can stop everything and just relax! I love this art piece! Please visit me and enter my draw!!

Anonymous said...

The more I slow down and pace myself, the more I accomplish. You have to create your own "time warp".