Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Amazing Chiyogami Contest

How much paper could you use? Or more specifically: how much do you want? I'm thinking that winning a huge stack of gorgeous Chiyogami from The Paper Place in Toronto sounds just about right. Now even though I'm planning on winning the contest myself (I could do a lot with those 637 sheets of paper), it's also growing close to Christmas, and I know it would be churlish of me if I didn't mention it to you. (Of course the fact that I receive extra entries by posting this on my blog is beside the point).
I learned about this contest in an interesting way. Even though I have several sheets of Chiyogami from The Paper Place, and used one pattern on
two ATCs I did back in June, I found out about the contest through my sister. Pam was at a craft show last weekend and was really impressed by Lisa Pijuan-Nomura's work. Pam told Lisa that she knew I would really enjoy her art too, and gave her one of my business cards.
Lisa visited my blog and left a comment so I visited hers. You'll love Lisa's blog:
Girl Can Create. It's fresh and lively, and you'll really appreciate her art and writing style. And it was Lisa who mentioned The Paper Place contest on her blog, so naturally I had to be a copycat and do it too.
Good luck by the way. May the best man or woman win ...or the luckiest.
For complete contest details, just follow this link.


Lisa PN said...

Susan, Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog and art! I too really enjoy your work as well! Looking forward to seeing more. If you don't mind i am going to include you on my links!

Talking Horses Arts said...

EEEh..ok for starters,LOVE YOUR BLOG.
On my cruising on the net for inspiration I stumbled in here. Love it!
Ooh and by the way...if you need a trashcan for left overs(like paper..)
I know a address where it will be taken of your hands...for free..lol.
Thanks for sharing your art...really love it and I hope you know I am joking about the paper!