Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Art tables

I wish someone would do a book on artist tabletops. Not only would each one be different, but I’m sure they’d also be inspiring—or at least satisfy some of that insatiable curiosity we have about other artists and their stuff.
I took this photo of Mary’s art table (see above) when I was up at her boat last summer. I love how she always has tons of stuff going, and yet it all ends up working together.

I got this shot of Anita and Brenda’s journals at Artfest. Brenda was working on a double-page spread of her experience in Susan Wooldridge’s poetry class, and I remember wishing I could draw as well as she does.

Jeanne sent me this picture of some of her pottery finds when she went mudlarking recently on the banks of the Thames. Dictionary.com defines mudlarking as: Chiefly British: a person who gains a livelihood by searching for iron, coal, old ropes, etc., in mud or low tide. I used to call it “rooting around the beach hoping to find cool stuff,” but mudlarking sounds much more romantic to me. (You can read more about this on the Icons: a portrait of England website).

And finally, here’s a photo of my own art table, which John took last week. The mixed media piece I’m working on isn’t finished yet, but it’s definitely progressing. Just looking at the photo reminds me of that when I’m tempted to think nothing has “happened.”


spindelmaker said...

Oh, your pice looks great! Will you take pictures during the process? It would be so fun to see it evolve!

Ganga Fondan said...

I agree with spindelmaker. Every time I come to Artopia I always enjoy how immersed you are in the joy of creating. I always feel like picking up my guitar after visiting your blog. Thank-you for that!!

irenka said...

Thank you for posting this very neat topic. I took can hardly see the table for the stuff. Today I just took a limited amount of stuff over to a friends and worked on her empty table, it soon filled up to where you are working in a space no bigger that a placemat. Love your collage, I wish, I could ...

Sandy Michelle said...

It's definitely inspiring to take a peek at everyone's art tables. Your mixed media collage looks awesome already!!


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Love the pics of other artist's tables. YOU should do a book on artist tables. We could use some creative books from Canadians. I've got a houseful of tables all creatively being used. Thanks for sharing!