Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday Night

Tonight I talked on the phone to my sister Pam about romance novels, created this ATC in Photoshop, and then played several intense games of Tetris to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game’s invention.
I’ve been a Tetris fanatic for about fifteen years now, and it’s the greatest time waster ever. I usually play on my vintage Game Boy, but since the batteries are drained, I had to go online instead.
Tetris is the only game I play and I’m addicted to it. I’ve always felt guilty about this and a little embarrassed too. Tetris is the kind of game you associate with nerdy teenage boys and the movie Hackers. My family thinks my Tetris habit is hilarious, but the weird thing is that with all the practice I’ve had playing it over the years, I’ve actually become really good at it.
Aside from wasting time in an absorbing manner, is there any purpose to playing Tetris? I didn’t think so until I read an article about an Oxford University experiment which found that Tetris reduces post-traumatic stress syndrome.
I’ve gone off track here because what I meant to write about is: How come it’s Saturday night and everyone I know is either on the computer or watching TV? In other words: what ever happened to date night?
Not that I’m complaining. Back in the 70s I received the Antisocial Person of the Year Award from my group of friends. As my boyfriend at the time explained it: “Susan’s idea of a really good time is reading a book.”
I never felt like I had to be out socializing just because I was supposed to …although I do remember going to the movies one Saturday night on my own, and then running into the guy I was dating with another girl. I made a point of going over and saying “hi” to them just to see the look on his face.

In retrospect, it must have been this traumatic event which eventually led me to Game Boy, and the healing power of Tetris on a Saturday night.


spindelmaker said...

I really like your guy! There is something very warm about him, I think added by the feather.
I was pretty much thinking the same last night. That "Shouldn´t I be out?" I think the need has weakened over the years, now I am happy just being in my own world. I don´t know if that is a good sign...

me again said...

Oh, you hit a nerve here! I am a Tetris addict too! Many a night I've seen falling shapes as I'm trying to fall asleep :-)

José said...

Maybe we can start a help group for game addicts. :) I'm addicted to mahong. But unlike you I don't get any better over the years. But it does relax me a lot. And now you've told me that it's actually healing. So no more shame.
Hi, I'm José and I'm a mahong addict. :)

irenka said...

I'm not sold on the Saturday night date thingy. Up until a year ago I waited on Saturday night, first for my husband from work, then for my son's from their evenings out. This Saturday, I watched Mad TV and fell asleep way to early, but what the heck. Love your ATC.

Uniquely Myself said...

Hello Sister Canadian Artist! Thanks for your comments on both of my blogs. Thanks also for following my Rustic Pixel Backgrounds blog. I too enjoy using Photoshop - just the Elements version for now.
I tried to leave a comment on my own blog but can't for now in response to your comment. Just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do with the bookmark background. Sandra

azirca said...

I love Tetris! It reminds me of when we purchased our first IBM computer way back when, Tetris was installed on it and I became addicted. I hate to think how many hours I spent playing that game.

Love your ATC, he's quite a dapper looking chap.

Sandy Michelle said...

Your boyfriend was a jerk..ha,ha!! I can see why Tetris relieves stress! My Husband plays it every night on his blackberry to help his mind erase the stress of his day. I like to read romance novels instead. I love the old picture of the man and how you placed the peacock feather on his chest!!


martha brown said...

Ray is a Tetris fan too. Not me. Super Mario on my Nintendo was how I wasted time.
Once I hid in the backseat of my boyfriend's car because I though he was cheating on me. I ended up at the drive-in with him and some girl getting hot and heavy. So I popped up. He drove me home. We broke up. 'nuff said.