Thursday, March 15, 2007

Terry Garrett

A couple of weeks ago I received a really nice email from a mixed media artist in Minnesota who had read my article on Photoshop in Art & Life. Her name is Terry Garrett, and she taught at Artfest in 2002.
If you check out Terry’s website, you can see her digital collages, shrines and houses, as well as some of her journal pages. I like the way Terry uses recurring imagery in her Photoshop work. While her digital collages work well as individual pieces, it’s also cool to see how her style unfolds (yet remains consistent) from collage to collage. I also love Terry’s shrines and houses. What is it about house imagery that’s so appealing? Maybe it’s symbolic of that place where you feel safe and able to be yourself. This is something I’d like to explore myself.

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jeanne said...

Jung says the house is equivalent to the body in the unconscious. No wonder it becomes so personal and evocative.