Wednesday, March 28, 2007


When I know I’ll have a few days with a light workload, I always fantasize about how many other things I’ll be able to do. But I usually accomplish very little. It’s surprising how much adrenaline I can summons up when I need it, and how little is available when I don’t.
For the last few days I’ve been drifting from one thing to another, never quite finishing one thing before something else captures my attention. Instead of backing up my latest Photoshop files this afternoon, I got distracted by my ongoing quest to cook the perfect vegetarian lasagna. (Family verdict: not enough spinach…but they did eat everything on their plates).
On Monday, I’m going back to rewriting my book. Because of work, I had to put it off for several weeks, but now the final (self-imposed) push is on. And I absolutely must do my website. Am I the only person around who believes doing a website is on a par with planning a trip to the moon?

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