Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Moo Challenge #19

I wasn’t sure what I could do with music, the Make a Moo or Two theme this week (mainly because I have so few musical images). But I do like this Rossetti painting called Veronica Veronese and decided to use it as the basis for a trio of moos.
I spent quite a bit of time playing with the image in Photoshop, and in the end changed very little—just recolored the background, highlighted the bird and added some handwriting of Verdi’s. Not very creative when I think about it. Still, the process of examining the painting was enjoyable.
Rossetti’s women always seem to be striking a pose, but they’re also strangely appealing and mysterious—like this particular model, for instance. Is she preparing to play her violin, wishing she knew how or distracted by the canary singing in its cage? I wish I knew.


Carole said...

I love the trio idea. Very nice. :-)

Thank you for the comments on my blog.

filetta said...

Oh ! it's absoluty wonderful !! great great moo'' about music !

Anonymous said...

Fabulous MOO's

AngelaC said...

Hi Susan - thank you so much for visiting my blog and your very kind comments! These moos are absolutely beautiful! I love the way they form a sort of 'triptych' - great idea!