Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Venus & the Streetlight

I’ve never had the knack of taking good pictures on any kind of consistent basis. Percentage-wise I probably get one decent shot out of twenty. That’s why I prefer working with other people’s images rather than my own.
John, on the other hand, takes plenty of great photos. I liked the ones he took of a blue sky with a streetlight and my plaster copy of the Venus de Milo, so I decided to blend them in Photoshop and add a map. Now John says we have to have a discussion about copyright issues.

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martha brown said...

When I was in art school -- my teacher said to feel lucky if you got one good shot on a roll. I worked for a photographer many years later whosaid the same thing. So one decent shot in 20 is pretty good. And not so expensive now that we can shoot digital and just delete the ones that suck!
(can I say that on your blog?)(LOL)