Friday, August 08, 2008

Mother Nature

Tonight is our ATC meeting and the theme is nature. Even though I thought I was organized well in advance with my cards, after I’d cut everything out, things fell apart visually. None of my stamps seemed to work and the colors looked limp. So it was back to the drawing board for me.
I ended up scanning a Victorian postcard of Mary’s and then used an istock image for the face. Incorporating this really challenged my Photoshop skills, but I was pleased with the result.
After I’d printed out my ATCs, I decorated them with a glitter pen and added a jewel. To get around the fact that the effect is slick rather than organic, I decided to call my card “Mother Nature.” I usually think of her as middle-aged and voluptuous, but who says she can’t be young and sleek?


Sandy Michelle said...

Wish I could be there tonight but I am packing cause we leave early tomorrow for Haliburton. Say hello to everyone for me. Your ATC is fabulous!!

Sandy xox

me again said...

Very mysterious and moody. Love the rich colours!

june said...

ack! They are beautiful...I think i will hold on to mind as they are no where nearly as gorgeous as yours! See you tonight!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Amazing work Susan. Love the mysteriousness of it all. Have a fun evening.

uncertainvoyage1 said...

my goodness. this is lovely. you are amazing.