Saturday, January 03, 2009


I was searching for an image to represent a fresh start for my first ATC of 2009, and I immediately thought of an open door. But on my way to find one I came across this picture of Lola L. Jackson I’d scanned from Mary’s vintage photo collection and used it instead.
I loved the way Lola is all spiffed up and ready to play with her blocks. Then I began to wonder whether or not Lola might have started tossing them around when the photo shoot was over. She looks a little testy about having her picture taken to me.

Sometimes I feel that way about a new year. I have the feeling I should be motivated, gung ho and organized, when what I really want to do is putter around for a few days, and not think about anything at all.


Sandy Michelle said...

Hi Susan! Thanks so much for your sweet birthday comment :) I feel the same way as you when the year starts. Therefore today I decided that the new year begins on Monday and have been in my pjs all day!It felt great!


indybev said...

I'm all for the puttering about part -- that's what I do best. Lola is quite fetching, by the way!

irenka said...

Yes do putter. I do that and some of my best work comes of it. And pajamas are a good idea as well, unfortunately I must wash some pretty soon, or I'll be puttering naked.

wildflowr said...

Your new year looks like it is off to a captivating start... your images are quite mesmorizing. I have enjoyed discovering your blog, with all of it's helpful tips and honest reflections, and of course, the fabulous artwork. I always think it is a little strange that strangers can be reading your blog and you have no idea who or why they are, so I'd like to introduce myself: Hi I am Stephanie (I looked up your site because I saw some of your moos in Artful Blogging magazine, which I bought cuz I am somewhat new to blogging but eager to get involved)Thanks for the inspiration & Nice to meet(?) you!