Friday, January 09, 2009

The Teapot Queen

The theme for tonight’s ATC meeting in Toronto is beverages, and I immediately thought of “tea” because I drink so much of it. I also have a great set of teapot stickers, and this seemed like the ideal opportunity to use them. After all, they’ve only been sitting around in a drawer for the last eight years or so.
To make my ATCs, I started with a Limited Edition stamp and drew in the face and hair with a black marker. Then I scanned my lady and colored her in Photoshop. The last step was printing out the ladies and adding a sticker to each one as a teapot crown.

It’s actually quite easy to get a cartoon-ish effect in Photoshop. Just start with a scan of a black and white drawing. Using the Brush Tool, put each color on separate layer that’s in Multiply blending mode. When you’re using a lot of colors, this may seem complicated, but if you do everything on one layer, then it’s harder to fix your mistakes or to change colors. Just give each layer the name of the color you’re using to make it easier on yourself.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

why that teapot reminds me of mary engelbreit! How clever.

Can't wait to see what the group came up with this time.

Sandy Michelle said...

Bravo! Great colour effects and the Mary E. sticker is the perfect touch!


Ginger said...

Love the looks of alice she seem to be happy with her new teapot crown(your so clever!)Love the techniques color awesome.
Had so much fun looking reading on your blog i could go on forever saying how each one i liked.Have to drop in more(you renew me.)
I love your art! Thank you for your kind comments to me.
see you soon my friend!