Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moo Challenge #41

Last week at Make a Moo or Two the theme was frost. I know all about that because the weather here has been cold and frosty for weeks (not to mention all the snow). I didn’t have time to rise to the challenge, though, because I was too busy. Fortunately I seem to be back on track now with the latest Make a Moo theme: circles.
The first thing I thought of was a color wheel, so I used one that I’d scanned from a 19th century book on color. My original plan was to incorporate an artist into the image. That effect didn’t quite work out, so it looks more like a target than anything else. But at least I managed to come up with something circle-ish.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful moos again Susan. Love the whole idea!

me again said...

I actually didn't get it as a "target" but rather saw it as someone looking through a colour wheel (which, btw, is incredible). I really like this piece!

Ginger said...

Great piece of art as always! Love what you come up with outstanding.
Please drop by and pick up your new award from me.
hugs ginger