Monday, March 16, 2009

More Polaroid Fun

Azirca emailed me recently to tell me about Poladroid, a simple program you can download that turns your photos in faux Polaroids.
It’s easy to use. All you need is a picture saved as a JPEG. You just slide your photo into the Poladroid icon and wait for it to “develop.” Then, right click on the picture, and a message comes up asking you if you want to save it to your desktop. Click the message and you’re done.
Once it’s saved, you can post it to your blog. Or if you want to add something else, you can import it into Photoshop like I did here.


azirca said...

Cool effect!
Glad that you are having fun with the software :)

martha brown said...

Oh, very cool -- I'm going to use this for sure!