Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Blogiversary

When I woke up this morning, I realized that yesterday was my third Blogiversary. Yes, I started posting to Artopia Update on March 3rd 2006, and I’m still here!
While I was having my morning tea, I thought about all the great reasons there are for continuing to be part of Blogland:
1. You meet wonderful people and make new friends.
2. You get to share part of your life with your readers, and in turn, you share part of theirs.
3. You’re inspired, uplifted and enriched by what your fellow bloggers post.
4. You learn all sorts of fascinating details about topics you never would have come across—but wanted to.
5. Your sense of community is enlarged and becomes elastic because you have a fleet of soul mates available to you 24/7.
So, dear reader, thank you for visiting Artopia Update and here’s to Year Four!


Leslie Jane Moran said...

WOW! Happy Blogiversary. Personally I learn something new from you every post. I love your blog and am so glad to have met you. Congratulations on one of the most instructive and inspiring blogs I read. Everyday. Thank you so much and continued success.

manus said...

Congratulation!! I'm so glad that I've found your blog! Thank you so much for your thoughts and emotions!

Ronna said...

Happy Blogiversary. Always love your blog. Looking forward to another year.

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!!! Isn't blogland great!


azirca said...

Happy Blogiversary to you!
Here's to many more...cheers!

beenebag said...

Congrats! You are a role model for know, the one who posts once a month and skipped February this year:) You're setting the bar pretty high for me:)

Happy Blogiversary! see you in 28 days:)

Carmi said...

Happy Anniversary!
Didn't the time pass so quickly!!!
To think we had to wait to see each other in person to find up what we were all up to.

José said...

Congratulations! Three years! I'm glad to have found your blog and I will be visiting on a regular base in your fourth year.

nancy said...

cangratulations! and thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas and art with us, nancy

me again said...

A big CONGRATS to you .... for creating such a fantastic blog AND for sticking with it. We all benefit because of that :-) I look forward to many more of your inspiring posts!

MarissaDW said...

Susan...I love your entries, especially with the digital images you have. Keep blogging, my friend.

cmoh said...

This is the first time i have stumbled across yoru blog. I have to admit that i feel I have been missing out...I love your art, I find it extreamly inspritational. My day has been enriched b/c of your blog.

Congratulations on 3 years...and thanks for sharing your art with the world.

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