Friday, May 12, 2006

Dream Art

From time to time I’ll have a dream about art. But last night I actually had two. In the first one, I dreamt about a cabinet card that had no image. As I looked at it, a face slowly materialized and I recognized her. It was one of the cabinet cards I’d bought in Seattle, so I had to play with it today. The problem is that it’s difficult to recreate the feeling you had in the dream state. At best you get an approximation. But usually you end up with something completely different – like I did with this image of Maxine. (I’m calling her Maxine because the photographer was Max von Rudiger of Berlin).
If I hadn’t had this dream, I don’t think I would have altered Maxine. I wasn’t drawn to her, and the photograph isn’t a good one. Still, when an image calls to you, you have to respond. Now that it’s finished, I think I like the idea more than the result.The other dream I had was about our next challenge for the Extraordinary Art Club. Carmi assigned us a bottle cover to alter, and I haven’t had a clue what to do with it. For one thing, I’m not supposed to change the shape, so there goes my plan to bury it in plaster…my usual solution when I don’t know what to do with something. I’m also not that comfortable working with fabric. However, my dream presented me with an image I’m going to try and work with…an art fetish object. Not sure if I can pull it off though.

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