Monday, May 15, 2006

Play Day

Even though I should have been working and getting organized to go to Boston, I took the day off and went to Toronto to play with Mary. We had a gas! Mary showed me how to layer acrylics on rice paper, and we used her fabulous hand-carved stamps. She knew I would love it, and I did. Now I have yet another addiction to deal with, but I’m rationalizing this one because these papers will be perfect for the mixed media paintings I’m itching to get to.
Mary also gave me a crash course in metal embossing. This is yet another technique I’d like to explore further. But how can I fit it all in? Is there any way I can add more time to my day-to-day life…kind of like adding an extension onto the house, or a trailer to the car? I doubt it. I think I’m looking at giving something up – top choices: cleaning, doing my taxes and weeding.

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