Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Muse in Hyper-drive

Lately the muse has been filling my head so full of ideas I’m getting nothing done. Well, that’s not exactly true – I’m just not accomplishing as much as I’d like to. But I’m sure if I had a realistic idea of how long things were going to take me, I’d probably be too overwhelmed to bother. Nothing like hope and possibilities to keep you going.
This afternoon John and David moved my perforator out to the garage. I want more room to paint and a 300 lb perforator takes up a lot of studio space. So I guess we have another satellite art room going again because David has a worktable and his glass-making supplies out there too. (To fit everyone in for Christmas lunch and dinner, I had to abandon the dining room a few months ago).
But I don’t want to leave my perforator in the garage over the winter. I would be really uncomfortable using it out there, and it might rust. My perforator is 137 years old and I feel like its steward (or stewardess), so this has given me the incentive to clear out a spot for it in the basement. But my heart quails at having to tidy up down in the black hole. I freak every time I look at all the stuff we have. To be honest, 80 per cent of the stuff is mine. Do I have the guts to get tough with myself? I guess I’ll have to…and pronto.

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