Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Process of Journaling

I haven’t been doing much journaling lately, although I think my digital work is really a form of keeping track. If I arranged everything according to the date it was done, it would certainly present a visual record of what I was doing, thinking and learning.
For the last few days I’ve been reading The Creative License by Danny Gregory and it’s chock full of interesting exercises about drawing and journaling. He says: “Your journal shouldn’t be a dumping ground, but a place to create, recognize and celebrate beauty and joy, that which is in all things. It should be a friend you have a great time with, not a shoulder to whine on. Commemorate the positive. Eliminate the negative.”
Even though I’ve had marathon whining sessions in various journals I’ve kept over the years, I’d have to say the ones I treasure most are those where I really get deeply into my own creativity – and in particular, when I combine stamping and drawing.
I also find it inspiring to look at what other people do. Jeanne Schedler emailed me several pages from her most recent journal and I love the way she spontaneously incorporates what I’d refer to as high end doodles with her observations about things. Last night Susan Wilkie came over for a visit, and she showed me her process journal. I was intrigued by the way she makes no nonsense notes about techniques she wants to try and images she’s drawn to.

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