Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking at stuff

While I was watching Dancing with the Stars tonight, I flipped through the Lee Valley Christmas Gift Catalogue. (Since my first real job after leaving university was working as a catalogue copywriter, I’ve always had a weakness for them).
Even though Lee Valley is basically a tool company, they always have lots of other nifty stuff for sale. This time there’s an African instrument called a Kalimba you play with your thumbs, a flashlight that looks like an alien head, copper mesh ribbon, a Christmas tree removal bag, an Edwardian style glass display case and a volcanic deodorizer,
But my favorite by far was the Aquitaine Sundial Ring. It’s an adaptation of the one Eleanor of Aquitaine gave to Henry II in 1152, so that he would know when to leave the hunt for their love trysts. You suspend the ring by its cord, and the light shines through a tiny hole onto the inner surface where the times of the day are engraved. It’s like something you’d read about in a novel!

P.S. This ATC was made from Hermine’s free download of November 16th.


Dale said...

I just love the idea of the midievil time-piece. I really liked watching The Tudors myself, i loved looking at all the fabulous costumes and seeing all the trysts play out :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog :).

Sandy Michelle said...

The sundial ring sounds cool!:)Let me know how your dad is doing!

Sandy XOX

A bird in the hand said...

Years ago, I used to have an African thumb-piano. It really evokes the whole continent for me. But "progress" has caught up with it, because I actually saw an electronic thumb-piano that you plug in. I haunt Lee Valley now and then as well :)

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted the Irish miners lamp. Would look great on the boat. Wonder if they still carry it.
Mary A.

justjen said...

The ring sounds wonderful. We were at Lee Valley today. Got the copper mesh. I used the practical uses as a way to interest my hubby and then threw in the fact that I had some "creative" thoughts for it too. Always a great place to wander around!