Saturday, November 22, 2008


I’ve always thought the word twitching described what happens to the muscles underneath my right eye when I’ve been spending too much time in Photoshop. But apparently it has another meaning as well. My friend Jeanne says it’s a term birders use to describe the uncontrollable spasm of excitement they feel when they see a new—and rare—species of bird.
A couple of weeks ago, Jeanne and her husband Steve braved the elements to see this Desert Wheatear in Kent, England. Presumably they were twitching during the experience, so I couldn’t resist turning the photo she sent me into today’s ATC.


Godelieve said...

Beautiful! Great background, (I always admire yours) love the shading and the hint of grass.

A bird in the hand said...

I'm twitching!
Love it... xoxo

indybev said...

Your twitching friends should appreciate this one! It's lovely.

Ronna said...

Love it!!