Sunday, November 09, 2008

What to write about?

John has been reading several different blogs for a few years now, and he told me today he’s noticed that not only are some bloggers posting less frequently, but also that others seem to have stopped altogether. It’s made me wonder if blogs in general have a certain life span, or if other things in life interfere with keeping one regularly as they sometimes do with me.
There are a whole host of sites out there on how to blog—over 97 million of them if you Goggle this topic—and several of them recommend you should be posting at least twice a week, or else readers will eventually drop away. I try to post more often than that, but it’s not always possible. Personally I think you should blog when you feel like it, and let the whole question of readers just take care of itself. Blogging should be enjoyable, even if it’s not always easy to know what you want to write about (or what other people might actually want to read).

Speaking of blogs, on November 2nd Hermine Koster posted this vintage image, which I turned into an ATC using Photoshop. Hermine mentions that she scanned the image—one of a group of postcards from her grandfather’s store—and that she will be offering more on her blog in the future for you to download free …as long as you don’t resell them. I think it’s worth checking out this resource because it’s always fun (at least for me) when you get a chance to work with someone else’s images. Plus you’ll enjoy her artwork too.


herminesplace said...

Its absolutetly gorgeous, love it!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

It's so interesting that you posted this question, it's one that I've been thinking about and discussing with others recently.

It would seem that there are as many blogs now as there are reasons for creating them. The question of "What to write about?" is one that confounds all bloggers at one time or another in their "careers". Indeed, in order to keep people coming back one has to "feed" the creature as often as possible.

I think most people are interested in specific types of blogs. Most of my daily reads tend to have an artistic bent to them, but as you know, we become attached to writing style, personality, sense of humour etc. and end up feeling a sense of community with our blogging "faves".

Depending on the intent of the blog ie. to teach, share ideas, viewpoints, lifestyle, provocation of discussion, sales, the followers connect in a very personal way.

I hear from many bloggers that they are discouraged when readers don't leave a comment. This is where one has to question their motive for being "out there". For some, this is more critical than others. If you are dependent on making a living by using your blog as a platform for selling your work, then this is certainly an important issue. If you have the luxury to be blogging "just because" you do, then I agree with you, that readership should just take care of itself.

This is a really interesting question. One always wonders "who cares" about my blathering. I guess the answer is whoever deems to read it.

Thanks for this post, and your blog which I read with regularity. I enjoy your slant on life and the world of art. I always learn something new - that's what I'm after.

I hope this makes sense, I write off the top of my head when both responding and composing. Sometimes there is just a scattered pattern. I hope others will engage in this discussion. It would be fun to read the responses.

vintage wil said...

what a beautiful card !!!

juneh said...

here, here. I agree with you Susan, whole-heartedly on your perspective on blogging. It's anything interesting happening in my life to blog about?!?>?

beenebag said...

As a newbie to the blogging community I really don't know what to expect nor do I have any expectations for my blog. I post when I have something I want to share. To tell the truth, when I first started posting I didn't make my blog public. Seemed too invasive to my privacy, but then I thought what's the point. So I opened it up. Of course, I haven't made a big deal about marketing it. Maybe when I get my ETSY shop up and running I'll consider the marketing aspect a little more seriously. But for now if there's something I want to share I will. So far I've been posting about once a month. I also set it up so when I do post an email is sent to select folks so they're made aware of a new posting.

I did have one thought though. Maybe since blogging as become so "mainstream" and publications like Somerset Studio are featuring stories about different blogs, the average blogger might be intimidated by the "professionals". Maybe they don't feel their words and images are worthy now? Just a thought. I can understand a class teaching the technical aspects of getting a blog going, but to teach someone HOW to blog seems to constrain the uniqueness of that person's expression. Hopefully not all blogs will look alike or have the same writing style. Of course, I guess it doesn't hurt to get advice from the blogging gurus, like Susan:)

Actually I wanted to share a blog that has cracked me up consistently since I've been reading it. Ed Beals (I believe he's a fellow Canadian) has a series of YouTube videos called Uncle Baby. He just posted the most recent in his blog. Too funnny.