Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Age and Excellence

I have to admit that I’ve been avoiding the news lately. It’s all gloom and economic gloom, which makes you feel helpless and uncertain of what’s going to happen next. (And who needs that?) But this morning in the New York Times, there was a heartwarming article about Stump, a ten-year-old Sussex Spaniel who won Best in Show at the 133rd Annual Westminster Kennel Club show at Madison Square Garden.
Stump (registered as Ch. Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee!) is the oldest dog ever to win this award, and back in 2005, he fell seriously ill with an undetermined illness, but eventually recovered.
What interested me about Stump was that he was definitely the crowd favorite, and won Best in Show even though he’s a seventy year old in human terms. Dog or not, this just goes to show us that excellence is possible at any age, and that your “prime” is right where you are right now.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

I was trying to find the station that televised the show and couldn't locate it. I'm sure they'll re-air the entire thing. Nice that one of Lily's cousins won! You're so right...see! The Grammys...all the old guys, the dog show...the old guy...I'm tellin' ya there's somethin' to this occurrence...they just don't make em' like they used to! That's what.

Ronna said...

Nice story Susan. Thanks for sharing...(still waiting to hit MY prime!)

Sharon said...

I so wanted to watch the show on TV but it was aired on CNBC which is channel 184 on the digital box and I don't get that channel. I was trying for days to see if it was televised somewhere else. I know that either TSN or OLN airs the whole show but several weeks after the live event. So I'm primed for that. There are quite a lot of strange, unknown breeds that make it even more interesting to watch.
I can tell you that at age 70 I won't be winning any beauty contests unless I have a face lift.

emikk said...

proves the point that 70 is the new dog years anyway.

Sandy Michelle said...

I'm staying away from all the negativity too cause it just depresses me. I love this story and you make a good point :)