Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Inane Stuff

You know how when you tell yourself not to think about something—chocolate, let’s say—you can’t get it out of your mind? I think that’s what has happened to me with the Olsen Twins.
Out of the blue, and while I was doing some research for a client this morning, I came across Stardoll, a website with virtual “paper” dolls. You can dress everyone from Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie to Robert Pattinson from Twilight.

Before I knew it, I was taking a time-out, and popping Ashley and Mary-Kate into some online wear. How lame is that? Lame maybe, but fun! As someone who was still drawing paper dolls and sharing them with my friends well into high school, I must say the virtual approach is not only way easier, but also delivers instant gratification. So …if you’re looking for a way to avoid work today, why not waste some time on Stardoll?

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Sandy Michelle said...

What a fun way to pass time! Ironically I was recently be-friended by a girl on flickr who is obsessed with MK and Ashley and she even has a group on flickr for them. Have a great week!