Monday, February 23, 2009

Volleying again

Last Friday, Ronna posted a drawing of a sheep that she’d done for a Christmas Show in 2006. She did this in response to a challenge that several people have been responding to on their blogs. What you do is go to the “Pictures” file of your hard drive and choose the sixth folder on your screen. Then you open that folder, choose the sixth picture and post it to your blog.
This seemed like a fun thing to try. You don’t know what you’ll get, although you hope it will be something interesting. But even if it isn’t, you go with it anyway.What I got was a photo Jeanne had sent me of a window last year. Coincidentally, we had talked on the phone about ten days ago, and agreed that we should start up our Photoshop volleys again. For a while there we were going full tilt with our exchanges. (We take turns altering a picture in Photoshop and end up with something that’s completely transformed from the original). So I took the appearance of Jeanne’s window as a sign that I should take action now, and then altered the photo to send to her. Now it’s your turn girlfriend!


Ronna said...

That 6 of 6 thing was kinda fun. Thanks for doing it!

Carmi said...

I tried it...In the sixth folder...there were only five pictures!

Femmy said...