Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it Mary-Kate or Ashley?

I found this doll yesterday in the box John’s watch came in, and I have no idea where she came from. Usually I have a good memory for that kind of thing. For example, in my ribbon collection, I could tell you which one Marissa gave me, or Carmi—and when I got it. But it’s like this doll dropped into my stash from some alternate universe.
I took a picture of her and decided that I’d turn her into a mini muse. While I was working on this ATC, John came into my workroom and said: “Oh look, it’s one of the Olsen twins.”

I’m thinking my doll is more Ashley than Mary-Kate because of the hair, although I doubt either of them would have much time for art what with the making of millions and continual drinking of lattes. Still, it’s given me a new perspective on the twins. Not that I’d ever thought about either of them before, but who knows? Maybe at this very moment they’re sewing tiny costumes for their Blythe dolls.


Ronna said...

I can never tell the difference between those 2 gals anyhow. Both very thin and lots of blonde hair. Love the ATC!!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I'm just praying it's not the latest updated version of Betsy Wetsy!!!

Love what ya do what ya do!