Thursday, June 15, 2006


The last couple of nights I’ve been working on my project for Carmi’s art club a week this Friday, and there’s paint everywhere. When I cook I use every utensil in the kitchen, and I approach painting in the same way. It would be handy to have an assistant to clean up after me.
Apparently Chinese brush painters weren’t taken seriously as artists until they’d served an apprenticeship to a more experienced practitioner. For several years they’d have to grind paints, wash brushes, make tea, and keep the studio tidy. I sure could use someone like this because I’m such a slob.
I always have several things going at once, and things often degenerate into chaos. The other day I was right in the middle of painting when I realized that David would be taking my camera with him to the glass art conference he’s attending in St. Louis. I got the bright idea of photographing all the junk I’d collected over the last few months – old Styrofoam, shreds of plastic, dead flowers etc. – just in case inspiration struck while he was away. Bad move. Now my studio looks like a museum with no budget.
I wish I could focus on one project in a neat, orderly fashion. But I just can’t seem to do this. Would I ever finish anything if I didn’t have deadlines? It’s doubtful.

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