Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Reflecting on today

It’s always rewarding when I manage to forge ahead on my book. After struggling with this project for almost two years, I’ve finally found my rhythm. Curbing my tendency to run on and on (and on) seems to be working. My goal is to finish by the beginning of November, and now I’m beginning to believe this will actually happen.
While I’m writing, I’ve trained myself not to check my email, but it’s the first thing I head for when I finish what I’m doing. Today there was a treat…a lovely email from a really interesting woman called Karen Straatsma.
I met Karen and her friend Eva at King View recently, and we had a wonderful conversation about all sorts of things, including creativity – a topic I usually manage to bring up because it interests me so much. To make a long story short, Karen has always wanted to paint, and she told me today that I have inspired her to pull the out the canvases she’s been storing in her closet.

If I have a mission in life, it’s to encourage other people to express their creativity. So thank you, Karen…you’ve made my day.

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Jeanne Schedler said...

I have to add the wonderful and glorious fact that Susan has been a huge inspiration to me to move out of my art comfort zone and into Photoshop and use of paint and color in my work. I am one of her willing "victims" of inspiration. I, too, have the same mission - even to the point of urging nonartists to express their innate creativity. Well done, Susan! Please say what the topic of your book is! I am curious.