Monday, June 19, 2006

Wonderful Wendy

The family birthdays (January to June) were held yesterday at Robin and Wendy’s and we had a gas. My sister-in-law Wendy is just the coolest. She gave everybody a loot bag with their picture on the outside. Each one was filled with musical instruments, hats, necklaces and bracelets from the dollar was just like being at the kind of birthday party you wished you’d gone to as a kid, but never did. Everyone – including my dad and mum – got all decked out and then started playing with their toys – cymbals, clappers, tambourines, triangles and so on. Wendy took lots of pictures, so it will make a great family album.
John and I were trying to figure out what would be a good present for Robin and Wendy, and we decided that giving them each a gift certificate for a Biofield Analysis would be a great idea. When I was at King View last weekend, Joyti had hers done by one of the residents, Murray Hayes, and she was really enthusiastic about it, so I know it will be an interesting experience for Robin and Wendy.
Biofield Analysis is based on reading the color from your charkas and you actually get a printout afterwards. David and I are going to do this too, and then I’d like to do some paintings of how we vibrate!

1 comment:

wendelicious said...

wow! susan!
you're awesome!
to see this gorgeous
you've made and kinda
to see my face
in a blog (on a blog?)
can you add some
aunt molly lash deluxeness
on my lids?
sooo glad you enjoyed
the party
i had a hoot too, especially
cuz yer family is fun
and keen to wear silly hats
and play with kooky thangs
it gives me such a thrill
such great joy
to see the riot of
good colourful mess
and people looking so
oh la la
how i love it!
thanks to
you especially
for wearing it all so well!

looking forward to
the chakra thang experience
what an excellent
exciting gift!!!
loads o love