Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Birthday/Anniversary Party

My mother turned 88 yesterday, and it was also my parents’ 62nd wedding anniversary(!) These days it’s hard to get everyone together at once, but all nineteen of us were able to make the celebration at Keith and Sherri’s, so that made it an extra-special occasion.
We all brought food, and Pam ordered a couple of scrumptious desserts from Dufflet’s. I thought of Ronna as I forced myself to eat a hefty piece of chocolate layer cake—why do I always eat too much at parties?
Keith and Sherri have renovated their basement and added a couple of amazing bathrooms. Is it weird to get so excited over bathroom fixtures? Probably, but because I lack the decorating gene myself, I love playing the voyeur. If I ever win the lottery, I’ll hire Sherri (good taste personified) and Bridget (innately funky) to make all my decorating fantasies come true.
P.S. Here’s a picture David took yesterday of my parents with their four children.

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Ronna said...

I wish I lived closer, Susan. I would've been happy to make your parents a cake!!