Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Reward

Ronna Mogelon’s Artist Trading Card Quarterly arrived today, but I disciplined myself to finish everything I’d assigned myself to do before looking at it, which meant it was 11:30 p.m. before I could indulge in some guilt-free reading. Then I made myself an English muffin with apricot jam and a cup of tea, and settled down on the living room couch with Lily to read ATC Quarterly straight through
This issue Ronna ran a piece I’d written called "Fun with Photoshop." It’s always cool to be part of a publication you’re partial to, but since I could basically remember what I’d said, I didn’t read it until I’d looked at everything else. Frankly, it was a lot more interesting reading about the Danish woman who has been keeping a daily ATC journal since 1998, grazing through the profiles and admiring all the fab bird art that appears in the centerfold.
I couldn’t help coming away from this experience wanting to play more. I love the colored pencil work Ronna often shares on her blog, and I’d like to break out my Prismacolors and make some new ATCs. Can I get it together to do this for our next ATC meeting? I sure hope so.

Other than grocery shopping and a quick run to Staples, I haven’t been anywhere for the last ten days. But this enforced solitude is paying off because I’m making good progress on my book. I wonder if my friends will still be talking to me when I finally manage to surface? I know I’ve been ignoring everyone (including John), but it seems to be the only way I can get this book done.


Mary Ambrose said...

Of course we'll still be talking to you when you surface. We're just keeping away right now because we know you're busy. But let us know when you come up for air!

Jeanne said...

I'll talk to you. Glad to hear you are making headway. Jeanne

Ronna said...

Thanks for the good comments on ATC Quarterly, Susan. I loved your Fun with Photoshop article plus the ATCs that went along with it. Thanks for this!