Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Reality 101

I’ve been annoyed with myself because I’d set a deadline for the end of May to finish my book, and that obviously won’t be happening. This is usually a busy time of year for me when it comes to work, so perhaps I was deluded into thinking this was a good time to wrap things up. But is there ever a good time? I think you just have to go ahead anyway and persevere.
Yesterday morning I sat down to take a close look at everything, and I soon realized there’s a big gap between then and now. Since I started reworking my material, I’ve made a lot of changes. The biggest difference from my original draft is that I’ve added at least fourteen new pages—and there may be more.
If I’d just zipped through and left it basically as is, I think I would have been able to finish on schedule. But when you change the parameters of a project, you shouldn’t keep working to the previous ones, should you? (Duh!)
Understanding this has, well, made me understand this…not that I’m any happier about the delay. I was looking forward to having more fun and being able to play around with some new things sooner rather than later. Fortunately I’m long past the point of questioning whether or not I should have undertaken this project in the first place. Now I just want to be done.

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