Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

David took us out for lunch on Mother’s Day, and Emma bought me a book called The Mission of Art. It’s right up my ally because it’s all about metaphysics and art.
We went back to their place for tea, and then my parents dropped by to see the condo. I can’t believe my father actually leaned over the edge of their balcony. Honestly, I almost passed out. I still can’t get that picture of him out of my mind.
Pam told me today that she’s also afraid of heights, and we both agreed a view 32 stories up is best viewed from inside. Frankly I’m thinking we need some kind of harness too.

Emma hasn’t finished her bedroom yet, but David’s is looking very cool with all his glass bricks grouped in front of the window. It reminds me of a Zen rock garden, and I’m tempted to cover his floor with smooth black pebbles and give him a rake to groom them properly...David being a very Zen kind of guy.


Mary Ambrose said...

Hi Susan,
I'm terrified of heights too and I got a queasy feeling in my stomach when I read your blog. But I still want to see the view!

Jeanne Schedler said...

Susan! I am terrified of heights as well, but not so much if I am behind a big fence. Michael taught me how to tolerate a glass elevator going down. It's a matter of just letting go.