Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm of Four Minds

I finished writing my book tonight. Not that I’m kidding myself I’ve actually finished. I still have to read everything through and reorganize, but thankfully the dreaded rewriting is through. I’ve decided not to do anymore revising before I send it off to my trusty editors. I know John will go nuts copyediting my introduction because I had so much trouble writing it, and I just can’t handle that right now.
Frankly I’d be happy not to do any writing ever again. It’s just too hard. (This blog doesn’t count, because I just do it without worrying about grammar or style).
David sent me a picture of his new girlfriend tonight and she has the same name as the one I’d give the heroine of my next book. I took this as a sign that if I do any more writing, it will have to be fiction.

P.S. June, this ATC is for you, but I never did get around to the greens.

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juneh said...

its beautiful! Thanks it sure does make things brighter!!!!