Monday, July 23, 2007

Starting a New Journal

I’m ready to start my next journal, but I was going to do this when I’d finished my book. I spent three days reading through it and making changes I want to incorporate. So much for my July 31st deadline—I’m not finished yet again. However, I’ve decided to shut up about my book until I’m ready to send it to my editors-at-large.
In the meantime, I need the comfort of my journal. My last two had a lot of stamping, but no color mainly because I was too busy to go that route. I think I will use some markers and colored pencils this time though, and I’m going to put this over trimmed ATC inside the front cover. I usually make a policy of avoiding images that aren’t copyright-free, but I doubt Marvel is going to come after me for incorporating one of their characters into this collage.

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