Sunday, March 19, 2006

Thinking about Artfest

When I take a workshop, one of three things is likely to happen:
1) I get the instructions balled up
2) I don’t finish
3) I bring way too much stuff
Come to think of it, 2) and 3) always happen, and 1) usually does. Part of the problem is that I look on the workshop experience as a kind of art party, and I’m there to celebrate.
But traveling 2,000 miles to Artfest is sobering me up. I’ve never met any of the people there face-to-face and I’m worried about that. Will they tolerate my eccentricities? Will I do something dumb?
Carmi says I’m a Zen artist, which is really her diplomatic way of explaining why I’m slower than everyone else. She also witnessed one of my more embarrassing blunders in a workshop. I covered a painting that was turning out really well with a layer of gel medium, then waited patiently for it to dry to a clear finish But the trouble was I’d actually used titanium white, so I completely obliterated a painting I loved.
Now I’m determined turn over a new leaf at Artfest. I’m going to listen. I’m going to finish. And I’m not going to take too much stuff. The stuff part will be hard though. I could fill a suitcase just with paint. How will I be able to leave my Luna Lights and Black Lava behind? I already have separation anxiety. Couldn’t I just bolt a handle to my cart full of paints? Too bad there’s a 50 lb limit.

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