Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Emma’s Adventures

There were stars out last night and they reminded me of Emma and how transported she was by the night sky as a toddler. I’m sure she must be experiencing some of that magic on the islands off Thailand that she and Bryan are visiting right now.
I had an email from Emma on Sunday and she told me they were on Ko Phi Phi, which I immediately checked out on Google Earth. It looks just gorgeous, but Emma says it’s very hot and humid there—not too different from some of the weather we’ve been having here lately, but it’s obviously way more interesting in Thailand than Brampton!

Emma told me that she and Bryan had just completed a diving course where they got their primary diver’s certification. Then they did a couple of dives at a depth of 12 meters. She wrote that they saw all sorts of crazy fish, sea snakes, and a sea turtle, which was swimming right along beside them. Their instructor Angus was from Scotland, and they’ve been hanging around with a guy they met from Thornhill. Their next stop is Krabi in Thailand and then they head off to Vietnam.

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Leslie Jane Moran said...

Gorgeous work Susan. She looks a little like Emma I think! Just a beautiful piece. My daughter is an astronomer so I'm very fond of this work.