Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Meeting my quota

This is the 29th digital ATC that I’ve posted here since January. I haven’t done as many as I did in 2007. But since my goal this year is to complete 50, I seem to be ahead of the game, and will probably meet my quota by the end of December.At some point I’d like to gather the ones I like into a book, so I usually print out my ATCs to check the color. In fact, I’d say I’m more interested in making this work than how things will actually appear on my blog. For one thing, people have different monitors so you can’t know in advance what your art will look like on theirs. Also—and I know I sound like a Luddite here—but what if the poles shift and everything you’ve posted online suddenly evaporates? That’s why I like a hard copy just in case.
Speaking of hard copies, I spent some time rereading the latest issue of ATC Quarterly last night. Ronna has done another bang-up job of artist networking and education. It’s always fun to see what different groups are doing with the format, and how it liberates them creatively. There were also some fab ATCs crafted from metal—something I’d like to try myself one of these days.


Ronna said...

Thanks for your good review of ATC Quarterly. So happy that you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a neo Luddite and proud of it. I'm also waiting for the poles to shift in 2012! What fun!

Mary A.

Mailmania3 said...

Hi Have you seen our blog for the Victoria ATC group . .
want to send some along for trade? . . .
All the best

Anonymous said...
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