Monday, June 02, 2008

Relating to Fred

John and I have never had a fish as a pet, but we’re babysitting Emma’s for a month and enjoying him. John feeds Fred in the morning and I’m doing it at night. A couple of days ago a food pellet stuck to Fred’s tail after John had dropped it into the fish bowl. But when he dipped a finger in the water to dislodge it, Fred turned around and gave him a good head-butt.
Since Emma talks to Fred several times a day, we’re doing this too. If you get close to his bowl, he comes right over to listen. On Saturday I told Fred about Emma and Bryan arriving safely in Bangkok, the movies they’d watched on the plane and how Emma had called that morning at 5:30 a.m. Fred seems to find information like this riveting, so I’m going upstairs now to tell him that I just received an email from Thailand.


Ronna said...

Susan, did you tell Fred how beautiful he was? That might help him endear you to it's the truth!

justjen said...

I'm sure that by the time Fred goes back home to Emma, you two will be fast friends. You'll have to visit occasionally to catch up on all the news. Is Fred interested in your art yet? I'm sure he would love it!

Anonymous said...

fred looks great. thanks for feeding him mom!