Friday, May 30, 2008

Club Night

Emma and Bryan left for Hong Kong this morning and as I write this, they are still in the air somewhere over the Pacific. It’s a fifteen and a half hour flight and I’m going to stay up and keep checking Air Canada until they arrive. (Then they change planes and fly to Bangkok).
Yesterday I took a picture of Emma wearing the reading glasses we had to alter for this month’s club challenge. Since I used an enlarged photo of her eyes for the project, I wanted to see what they would look like on her. Emma told me the glasses really freaked her out, and I got a lot of laughs tonight when I modeled them myself at our meeting.
I’ll admit that I didn’t have a clue what to do with the glasses until this week, but it seems that necessity is the mother of invention. Hopefully this will apply to our next challenge, too, which is a particularly heinous set of bamboo wind chimes. What I’d like to do is encase all those dangling bits and pieces in plaster and turn them into a piñata.

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Sandy said...

Tooooo funny! What a hard thing to alter but you did a fabulous job Susan. See you at the next meet?!