Sunday, May 25, 2008

A fun time-waster

David turned me onto Google Earth recently, and it’s hard not to become totally obsessed with zeroing in on places of interest—especially when you want to escape from everything else you know you should be doing.
I haven’t seen the house where I grew up since the 70s, so when my brother Keith told me today that it had been torn down and replaced with a monster house, I just had to Google Earth it. You can see it in the photo on the left in the upper right hand corner. Next to it is one of the few holdouts in this now swanky area. It’s hard to believe that six of us fit into a house this size, but I don’t recall that it felt that crowded.
The picture to the right shows where John and I live now. Our house is the one with the red car in the driveway, and you can even see our deck. Freaky.
If you want to waste time too, go to this link and you can download Google Earth for free.


Sandy said...

How cool! I've got to check it out! Have you worked on your Asian ATCs yet? I better get crackin'


Anonymous said...

I've used google maps satellite images and absolutely love them. I've checked out so many places. Six of us lived in a house probably exactly like yours from the 50's to the 80's and it's now gone for one of those monster homes. Ah, the rooming houses of the future....


juneh said...

It sure gives a whole new perspective to "big brother is watching!!!" -- on the eye glass front -- egads I am stumpified on this one!!! how about you?