Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reading Magazines

I don’t read as many magazines as I once did, but it’s not really a time or money issue. I think I’m looking for an info/visual experience that dovetails with my own interests, and these are more specific than they used to be.
I always look forward to reading Art & Life because Teesha Moore often journals about what’s going on in her life, and it’s like being right there with her. RubberStampMadness is another magazine I read regularly. There’s more writing in this publication than many others, and the focus on scenic and classic stamping appeals to me personally. Plus I also collect the covers. Brenda Beene Shackleford did the latest one (shown above) and I think it will probably end up becoming one of my favorites.
Photoshop Creative and Advanced Photoshop are a couple of pricey U.K. mags I usually spring for. They come with a CD that contains new fonts, brushes and other creative resources that you can download to use in your work.

Today I received Cloth Paper Scissors' special issue on Artist Studios, and I have to admit I’m disappointed. What I didn’t realize when I ordered it was that the emphasis would mainly be on the workspaces of fabric artists. Not that I have anything against fabric art, but since I don’t do it myself, I didn’t find most of the studios that interesting—aside from Jayne Ann Wynn’s and one in a converted hayloft. There were also twenty or so pages of decorative projects to try, but I would have preferred to see the studios of more mixed media artists or painters instead.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh DRAT! I promised myself I was not going to get any more magazines. Now I'm feeling like I have to check out Photoshop Creative and Advanced Photoshop! Maybe this will help get me focused and chained to my computer desk for a day or twenty.

Thanks for sharing the great resources.

beenebag said...

You make me blush:) Glad you liked the cover. It's an oldie that was waiting for it's time to be published. I am so honored that Roberta @ RSM decided to use it.
Missed you at Artfest. Hope you can come back again.
take care
Brenda aka beenebag